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Mizuno Wave Mujin 6 Ladies


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Introducing Wave Mujin 6 featuring our new technology XtaGrip, an adaptive outsole construction for superior grip on any kind of terrain. To make sure to outsole is also extremely durable it has been made with Michelin rubber. To keep you comfortable during your runs we have also added an adjustable heel and forefoot fitting system. Wave Mujin 6 stops at nothing to give you seamless trail running experience. The adjustable heel and forefoot fitting system will enhance the fitting around the foot by tightening the laces. There is an woven structure on both sides of the shoe. The woven structure will come along while tightening them, which makes it more adjusted to the foot.




Comfortable luxurious cushioning with a great balance of responsiveness and stability. Superior outsole traction on any trail surfaces with dynamic cushioning feeling. Adjustable heel and forefoot fitting for trail runners to run comfortably on different types of terrain.
Ladies Shoe Sizes UK

Size 4, Size 4.5, Size 5, Size 5.5, Size 6, Size 6.5, Size 7.5, Size 7, Size 8, Size 8.5


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