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Silva Trail Runner Free 2 Hybrid – 500 Lumens (1.25Ah)


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Trail Runner Free 2 Hybrid is a comfortable and lightweight headlamp for everyone who loves running. Its features and light beam are optimized for a runner’s needs. Free 2 Hybrid comes with a rechargeable Hybrid battery (1.25 Ah/4.6 Wh) and the Hybrid battery case.

All Trail Runner Free lamps have the power cord integrated into the headband. We call it Free Technology – a comfortable headlamp experience without distracting cords or tangled wires. No hassle – Just free the energy.

Hybrid battery case included.
The Hybrid battery case can carry either the included Silva rechargeable Hybrid battery pack or 3 x AAA batteries (not included). This means that you have can use AAA batteries as a backup if you run out of power in the rechargeable one. The case has grip friendly surfaces and holds an integrated red rear safety light – adding extra visibility. Trail Runner Free 2 Hybrid comes with the rechargeable 1.25 Ah (4.6 Wh) Hybrid battery pack – designed to use with the Hybrid battery case. This compact battery is the perfect choice if you want to go really lightweight. The battery has integrated battery indication and can be charged anywhere, using the included USB cable.

Customized light distribution
With the 2: nd generation of Trail Runner Free, the cooling has been optimized with a more powerful cooler that lets the lamp produce up to 550 lumens (depending on battery type) while keeping its comfort and low weight. Our ultra runners have been an important part of the design process, and the Trail Runner Free 2 series is made for running in every aspect. All three headlamps in this series feature Silva Intelligent Light. This means that you get a double light beam technology in your headlamp, with light settings that are perfect for running. Our unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close floodlight, results in less head movement, better control, improved balance, less fatigue and higher speed.

Comfort in every detail.
Despite the focus on technological breakthroughs, we have not forgotten about the importance of weight optimization. Every part of this headlamp has been compressed and the headlamp unit only weighs 61 grams (excl. batteries). The headlamp is perfectly balanced, with smooth adjustments and a flat, soft, textile extension cord that doesn’t tangle. The headband is soft, yet firm enough, with a silicone string on the inside to stay in place. The battery can be carried comfortably on the headband or be kept warm in your pocket to save battery life by using the included textile extension cord.

Trail Runner Free 2 Hybrid
Choose Free 2 Hybrid with the Hybrid battery case and the Silva rechargeable Hybrid battery pack if you plan to use your headlamp on a regular basis for training sessions.

3 brightness levels

3 brightness levels
battery indication

battery indication
Free technology

Free technology
 Hybrid technology

Hybrid technology

Intelligent light

Intelligent light




USB-C rechargeable

USB-C rechargeable
  • 500 lumen output
  • Weight excl. batt: 60 g
  • Weight incl. batt: 113 g
  • Max mode: 500 lm / 1.5-3 h burn time / 80 m (262 ft) light distance
  • Med Mode: 200 lm / 4,5-8 h burn time / 50 m (164 ft) light distance
  • Min mode:50 lm / 7,5-12,5 h burn time / 27 m (89 ft) light distance
  • Free technology headband and connection system
  • Silva Intelligent Light – combining long reach spotlight and a close flood light.
  • Comfortable fit thanks to low weight and anti-slip headband
  • Red rear safety light built into hybrid battery case.
  • Flat, soft textile extension cord
  • Water resistant – both headlamp and battery meet IPX5 standard.
  • Max mode indication
  • Hybrid battery case (Hybrid battery or AAA batteries (not included))
  • Included Hybrid battery, rechargeable, AAA sized, 1.25 Ah (4.6 Wh)

True lumen
Our lumen values are measured 30 seconds after switching the lamp on. We measure lumen according to the ANSI FL1 STANDARD.

SKU 38288
Battery indication Body: red, green / Battery: red, green
Battery specification LiPo 3.7V 1.25Ah 4.6Wh (3xAAA compatible)
Charging time 3h
Charging type USB-C
Connection plug SILVA compact connector (round)
Included accessories Headlamp, Headband, Hybrid battery pack, 1.25Ah (4.6Wh) battery, Extension cord, Quick guide
Led type 2 x high power LEDs.
Light distance max ft 262
Light distance max m 80
Light distance med ft 164
Light distance med m 50
Light distance min ft 89
Light distance min m 27
Light modes Intelligent Light, Min, Med, Max // Boost
Lumen max 500
Lumen med 250
Lumen min 50
Warranty 2 year
Weight battery g 53 (battery case + hybrid battery)
Weight battery oz 1,9 (battery case + hybrid battery)
Weight excl battery g 60
Weight excl battery oz 2,14
Weight incl battery g 113
Weight incl battery oz 4,12




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