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Squirrel’s Large Saddle Butter Stick 48ml


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Squirrel’s Saddle Butter is the world’s best all-natural cycling salve. This slick vegan-friendly blend includes peppermint oil, tea tree oil & zinc oxide. We added these ingredients specifically for cyclists! The tea tree oil kills certain bacteria and fungi, the zinc oxide lowers skin inflammation associated with rashes and irritation while preventing bacterial infections, and the peppermint oil adds a welcome scent to nether regions.

As an all-natural product, the consistency of our salve changes with the temperature. The most versatile container for both extreme cold and moderate heat is the stick.

The stick is best used in temperatures from below freezing to 35°C.

Product Info
  • 48ml is the right choice for home or pre-activity use
  • The stick is best used in temperatures from below freezing to 35°C
  • Superior anti-chafe, anti-blister properties
  • Weather resistant & long lasting
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Easy-to-apply stick means no messy fingers
  • Effective on eczema and other skin irritations
  • Also works extremely well to restore dry or cracked hands, feet and face

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